American Women vs. Foreign Women – In 2015 – Who Do Men Pick?


In 2015, single men in the United States of America tend to date and marry foreign women over native America women. The main reason is that it is too hard to find a feminine American woman in the US. I mean, American women are acting just like a masculine person which turns off their man. As a result, many men in America are looking for foreign women including Asian, European, Hispanic and African, who migrated or born here for dating and marriage. I know some of them are looking for foreign-born women who live in international countries as well.

American woman vs Foreign woman

American woman vs Foreign woman

Why are foreign women more preferable than American women in terms of dating, relationship and marriage and what make them act like a masculinity?

  • Foreign women are more feminine than American women. A good woman is the one who must know how and when to be shy naturally. She must be soft and not hardheaded. She must know how to act as a sweet woman. Most men love the shyness and softness in a woman. Most foreign women have all that. However, American women always try to dominate the man. They want “equality” in a relationship. They are more on the masculine way which turn off the man.
  • American women set high standards in choosing their life partner. Even after marriage and having kids, when they get a promotion at work, like a supervisor, manager or director, then it is likely that they will divorce their husbands sooner or later. Equality is the thing that they keep in mind. They expect their husbands to be equal or higher in social status than them. Foreign women are different. They love the man by heart. They don’t leave or divorce the man because of material things.
  • Foreign women stay in good shape even after having babies while American women are out of shape. At the age of 30 plus, most of American women lose their beauty by getting fat and wrinkled. Foreign women usually take care of themselves so they work out regularly to stay in shape. I know some Asian and Russian ladies who are around 40 years old and have two kids, they look so beautiful and thin. Generally speaking, foreign women eat healthier food than American women.
  • Foreign women are more faithful and loyal toward relationship and marriage. They consider marriage as a life term commitment. They view cheating on a man is a big problem in a relationship because their reputation destroyed. American women talk and act toward men with too friendly mode and behavior even in front of their husbands. They see cheating on a man is not a big problem. They will cheat on their man if there is a chance.
  • American women are divorce happy. In the United States of America, most divorces rooted from the woman choosing to leave the man. They are happy to do that because they can get most of the assets like cash and house from the man. Foreign women don’t divorce their men because of material things. They are more faithful in marriage.
  • Foreign women are good housewives. They know how to cook and organize the house. I know some rich Asian and Russian couples do the errands in the house by themselves. Rich American women don’t spend time on doing such low job so they hire a maid. American women buy food from fast-food restaurants while foreign women cook daily meals for the family.
  • Foreign women wear a real face while American women wear a mask in public. I have seen this many times when I hang out with my friends. It is too hard to understand clearly about American women because they are superficial with a false image about themselves. For example, when an American woman joins a luxury party, she will lend the money to buy an expensive dress to wear and show off on that party, then, she will pay the money later. Another example is that they spend too much money by using their credit cards to play equally with their friends. I think this is a fake behavior. Foreign women will deny the invitation to that party if they think they can’t afford it.
  • Foreign women consider sex as a gift in a relationship while American women considers sex a must in a relationship. Generally speaking, some men are scared about having sex with American women which is intense while they feel passionate when having sex with foreign women. I don’t want to list details here. In addition, when a man has an Erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation issue so he can’t satisfy an American wife, then he should expect that she will see someone else soon.

Anyway, there are some differences about American women vs. foreign women that I mentioned above. Foreign women and American women are different in many ways. Nowadays, many single men in America pursue the dream of dating and marrying foreign ladies, even international single women from Asia, Eastern Europe, Russia, Latin and South Africa. Most of them go to free online dating websites like or others to find their perfect foreign lady.

Author: Anny LamAnny Lam
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  1. From an American male: don’t date or marry American women period! Most are self absorbed, narcissistic, feel they are beauty queens. Snobby and selfish. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve dated a few that were wonderful but those are a rarity. I was married for 24 years and dated a few afterwards. I’d rather date women from overseas. Thank feminist for the horrible dating scene.

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