How I Found A Rich Man At The Internet Dating Connection


Looking for rich men for dating and marriage is not simple. I like to share my own story about how I found a rich man at the internet dating connection. I can do it, so can you. Sorry for my writing skills, I am not fluent in English at all. I just came to the US for two years.

American womenIn my early 20’s, most of my female friends and I were dreaming about dating or marrying a rich man. In the Manila Philippines, I used to live in a small house with six siblings. I graduated from High School and can speak English a little bit. My parents could not afford for my college. I had to find a job when I was 21 years old. I worked as a secretary for a small company. I earned about $275 a month, which was just enough to take care of myself and helped my parents to raise my younger siblings. So, I were dreaming about living in a bigger house, driving a nice car, eating in a luxury restaurant, so on. I didn’t have any friend to hook me up with that kind of man. As you know, rich people usually don’t hang around with poor people in the Philippines. This is true.

My friends and I decided to sign up through the internet dating connections. We posted our profiles at many dating sites. It turned out good results. Within one week, I received like 20 responses from men in the Philippines and in the West. I only replied to those who lived in the West. Finally, I found an American man who is my husband now. He is a rich man for me. When I came to America, I thought it was a heaven by viewing the big and clean roads from the airport to his house. After 6 months, I got a housekeeping job from a hotel. I earned $1450 a month. Woh, I love America. I really do.

I encourage all single ladies out there to join an online dating service to find a rich man. You have many options to search and contact with rich men in your area or around the world. Don’t just go to a bar to find a rich man, it doesn’t work that way. In a bar, most men just look for short-term dates which last for one or two nights. Don’t try to find a rich man there. If you live in a developed country like me, then you know most rich guys don’t marry poor ladies like us. They just play around and leave us alone.

My husband is not rich compared with other men in the United States. He is rich for me. This is the land of opportunities where I can work and make good money. My children will have a good future and their generation will do the same. I thank you for this online dating site that connected me with my rich husband. I’d appreciate it.

Author: Anny LamAnny Lam
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  1. I personally don’t like to marry a rich husband. He is not royal but will cheat on you, no matter what. Uh oh, I like a normal guy who respect me and treat me like the way I treat him. That’s the man I dream of. Rich men can give you gifts and luxury materials but not love.

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