Single Father Looking For Single Mother


Single Father Looking For Single Mother through online dating sites are increasingly popular in the last few years as we live on this modern century. There are many single moms seeking single dads for dating, relationship and marriage online. Single parents dating sites are the bridge that connect fathers and mothers with each other. Although you are a single mom or dad, you are busy with your lifestyle. However, you can balance your life by using online dating sites to find your perfect life mate. Because it takes you a few minutes to sign up a personal ad and search for single parents in your area.

Foreign Men Looking For American WomenGone is the days you dress up and drive to the nightclubs to find dates. You don’t have that extra time to waste and money to spend anymore. Online dating services allow people to find their second half without leaving your home. You can find other single parents on the Internet and find out about their background, interests, life goals, and so on. Dating online is the most convenient way for single moms looking for single dads these days.

One important rule that single parents keep in mind is that they just look for long-term relationship. Their past relationship helped them something in selecting the next person in life. If you have kid(s), then you should make them your priority. Don’t just go to bars to grab short-term dates which last for one or two nights. 

This is the reason I recommended you go to online singles sites to find your life mate. These dating sites can help you find friends first, which lead to relationship. There are many single dads looking for single moms just look for new friends at the beginning. You can have many friends as you wish. Then, selecting the best one to date with. This is how you establish a life-long relationship.

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  1. i am Karen came from Philippines and my friends describes me that i am honest sincere , caring , loving , thoughtful, understanding,, i am christian i serve god with fear and trembling.. i am a family value woman.. i am flexible character kind and humble ..and two two things u define me my patience when i dont have nothing,,and my attitude when i have everything..

  2. I’ve been seeing a lot single parents nowadays. But I their ruined relationship ill not stop them from finding the right spouse for them.

  3. Hey Single123,
    I take your point, For you to find the balance of your masculine-feminine energy relationship within you is to discover the relationship that you hold with your mother and father energies. To give you a clue to the balance of your gender relationship with self is to look at your relationship with your own physical mother and father. What is your relationship with your father and your mother and vice versa? Look at the masculine-feminine role models in your life – is that in balance with full expression? Do you see the Father image as God or a Priest? What is the dominant, controlling, controlled and suppressed energy in your life? Who do you turn to for love, protection, advice, guidance and validation? The dualistic aspects of the dark and the light of both energies – are they in balance? Then, look at your relationship with you, your Father-Mother Self? Can you acknowledge the Father-Mother energy within you? Can you turn to yourself in the same way as you seek validation in other entities or in other humans? Are you willing to change your perception about the imbalance nature of the gender role play games?

    NELSON BARRY by my name…. single with no kids….Am a new member on here and i came across your profile through my search on this would be fun if i can get the opportunity to know more about you why you are here and i would like to meet honest people that have open mind…This is my yahoo id nelsonbarry79/at/yahoo/dot/com or smilehonest/at/aol/dot/com)…Hope to read from you Soon…

  5. You know what? This article, Single Father Looking For Single Mother, provides good information for singles parents dating online. They should find their next relationship at free singles sites. Thanks.

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