Single Foreign Men Looking For American Women


Single Foreign Men Looking For American Women have been a phenomenon in the last few years. They use the internet dating sites to find American women. These foreign men seeking American women register their personal ads and contact these ladies online. They are able to browse through the female profiles and view their personal details before they contact. Online dating websites are the way they use to look for American girls for dating, relationship and marriage. When reading each profile, these foreign guys can get to know the history of each lady about marital preferences, interests, hobby, education, career, likes, dislikes.

Foreign Men Looking For American Women

Foreign Men Looking For American Women

American women are the most popular women on the world. They are best described as independence, free and equality. They are the dream and hope of millions of foreign men who look for women in USA. American ladies can do anything by themselves. They don’t depend on anyone. This is the way that they like to live on this modern century. So, they don’t accept domestic violence in family. An American woman will leave her husband if he uses his strength to hit on her. So, domestic violence in family rarely happens in America.

If you are a foreign man who is interested in dating or marrying an American woman, then you should know about their characteristics. You can find your lady online. Just go through profiles and choose the ones you like to the most to contact with them. Be patient and honest when you look for a lady in USA.

Why do most American women NOT like foreign men?

Most foreign men have the general overall low view of women. They consider women as being submissive. When they get married with a woman, she must be a good housewife. She must know how to cook and let the husband take lead in the family. This is a wrong thought for most foreign guys. You guys must change if you want to date or marry an American woman. Most of women in America are independent who don’t rely on the man for everything. They can work and take care of themselves so they are not submissive.

There are millions of immigrants but only some marry American ladies. American women are not picky. However, the way they think about life and family is different. They are open and friendly. They are open to Asian, European and Hispanic men as well. You must change the way you think about women if you want to have an American wife. So, try to be a good guy who respects women before you want to find her.

If you are a single man who lives in another country, then you should go to read articles of how to treat and live with an American lady. There are Asian, European, and Hispanic American women in the U.S. that you can look for. You have to learn the American lifestyle first before seeking a lady here.

The gender equality is the most important aspect you need to learn. There are many other things you should learn to date or marry a lady in the United States of America.

Anyway, the internet dating sites are the solution for foreign men seeking single American women for love and relationship. If you are one of them, then take action to find your second half online today.

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  2. Hey all, I am a 27 year old guy from Addis. I am a hard working Electrical Engineer, easy-going, down-to-earth n very friendly. Religion plays a big role in my life n I would like anyone who would like to befriend me to have the same views. I only want serious relationships, no games.

  3. I’m 38, white male looking for an American woman for mutual benefits. I want to continue my professional career, however, I need a green card/US citizenship. I’m college educated, living in the US. You must be close to my age (late 20’s to mid 30’s), preferably white and with no children or heavy baggage. Marriage should be a business deal first, great compensation. Both parties equal and combining their abilities and assets to build a solid foundation. If attraction and feelings come into play, well I’m open to happiness and I definitely wouldn’t throw away a good thing. If interested please drop me a line at

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