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Reasons African Women Don’t Date Or Marry Black American Men Are Finally Exposed

African women don’t usually date Black American men. African ladies who live in South Africa or in the United States of America don’t date or marry outside their culture, especially African American guys. There are many reasons that make sense but it is all about the culture. This article will briefly list some general reasons. I personally don’t tend to racist or stereotype any race or culture.

  1. Most African single women prefer to date their own race. They like to talk with guys they know. They often look for men whom they know exactly about their characteristics, traits, culture, language, and so on. A few African sisters are happily married to Black American men. However, cross-cultural and mixed race relationships play the big role in both groups.
  2. Black American men are not interested in dating or marrying African women. At my work place, there are some African women who are beautiful and young, I have not seen Black men flirt with them or ask them out. These Black guys may think that they are superior to immigrations like Africans so they show less respects for them. Even White Americans show more respects with African women at my work place.
  3. ¬†African women were raised in the South Africa countries where gender freedom is not as open as in America. They still think that they are submissive while men are dominant. They think relationship or marriage as a life-long commitment. So, they are afraid that Black American men ask them out on one purpose, to have a good time, not serious in establishing a relationship. They don’t have time to stick with “playas” so they are scared when African American guys ask them out.
  4. Even though they are the same race but they don’t share the same cultural beliefs. Black American men are comfortable with American culture while African women tend to stick with African culture.
  5. Social interaction is the main key here in both groups and they seem not to interact enough to understand from each other.

African women are attractive, period, no doubt about that. Black American men are friendly and honest, you know what I am saying?

Why can’t both groups pass the “first base” to date with each other?

Many African women tend to find White men for dating and marriage because they think these guys are rich and powerful. I personally don’t discuss about the wealthy here but I think that’s not right. They think that Caucasians are superior to Black American men. You might see many of African single women seeking Caucasians at online dating site like aDatingnet.com or other places. They need to know whether or not these Caucasians find them attractive.

African woman and White man

African woman and White man

My co-worker once told me that she could date any race but not Black American men because of complex cultural differences. She prefers to date her own country man. If she can’t find one, then she will go with Whites, but not messing with Black American men. What’s going on? If she dates a Caucasian, then there are culture differences too. I don’t understand about that, really.

Many Asian or Hispanic women find Black American men rock because they are friendly and simple. They admitted that living with a Black American husband is easy and relaxed. However, some women complained about African men do beat their wife up. Many of them controlled their wife and act as a “bossy” in their family. But African ladies prefer to date their own country men.