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Why do American Men Only Marry Young Filipina Girls?

American men marry young Filipina girls

American men marry young Filipina girls has become a well-known phenomenon in last few years. In other words, the man’s age does not matter with Filipina ladies anymore. There are thousands of Philippine women prefer to marry husbands who are older than them 20 years old and more.

young Filipina girls

young Filipina girls

How many young Filipina girls marry older husbands?

There are many young Philippine ladies marry older guys. The main reason is that they are interested in these men because of stable finance and more mature than young men. It is about 25% of men who marry Filipina women that are younger than them up to 20 years old. Why is it so?

Most of these Filipinas find their husbands in mail order brides or free dating sites, so do American men. Why do they choose to marry older husbands in America? It is about the socio-economic issues in the Philippine country that they think American husbands are much better than Filipino husbands. Men in US are considered the faithful and respectful men to their wives. They think that Filipino husbands are cruel and selfish etc. Generally speaking, most young girls in Philippines dream of dating and marrying an American husband when they grow up.

You can see how many Filipina ladies signed up at our dating online service. There are thousands of them who registered through our single site and other dating sites with hope to find an ideal man in the United States of America. Every year, there are thousands of relationships and marriages established through online internet dating websites. There are more and more new Philippines ladies signing up every day.

Most of these Filipinas concern about how you treat them and how you love them. Your age is not an issue at all. You treat her good, respect her, and love her faithfully are all the important factors she accepts you as a great husband. So, if you are planning to meet a Filipina wife, then you should pay more attention about the emotions and integrity in the relationship. The age difference is a piece of cake.

I must say this thing. It is not too related to this topic but you should know. When I go to a party in U, every man who has a Filipina wife, has seen the jealousy of native American girls. I don’t want to sound like racist here but that’s the true. I mean, Filipina women are skinnier and sexier as well as more appealing and stunning than American women. I also have heard that some American women are jealous when they go to clubs that has Filipina ladies. They think that these single Filipina girls are stealing their men in clubs.

This article is written from Tony who sent it directly to us to be used in adatingnet.com