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British Women vs American Women In Terms Of Relationship

British Women vs American Women! Well, this is one of the greatest comparisons every man would make before settling on a particular lady for marriage or simply dating. Is it the British women that are better or is it the American women? Well, the answer is tricky. A number of men and even women from various parts of the world normally ask themselves such questions. Cultural differences between the American girls and the British girls greatly determine their suitability when it comes to dating and marriage. Comparing American women vs British women can be quiet challenging and the process needs high level of care.

Single WomenThe first step of comparison is by checking on their level of independence. A recent opinion poll revealed that British women are more independent than the American women. Most women in Britain choose good career lines, pursue preferred course and later on get good jobs. This makes them very independent and therefore they put very little emphasis on their families. The American women on the other hand are different. They cherish and love families; they spend most of their time taking care of their children and husbands. This makes them very suitable for dating. This is why when comparing American girls vs Britain girls, the American girls normally get much credits due to their strong characters.

The next step of comparison is health lifestyle. The Britain women are known to be very selective on what they eat and drink, they also do many exercises to stay fit. Because of this, the British girls are always very pretty and attractive. They are also very vigilant when it comes to their dressing styles. They have a great sense of fashion and style. The American women despite being beautiful do not put much emphasis on their dressing or food types.

Also another common character among British women is that they love fun and celebrations. They enjoy going out on holidays at times alone in the absence of their husbands. Their American counter parts are completely the opposite. The American girls love going out too, but the only difference between them is that they love staying close to their husbands. This makes American women very suitable for marriage. Also, unlike the British women, the American women feel very confident when they are with their partners than when they are away.

Despite the above comparison criteria, certain factors still affect greatly the behavior of these women as far as American Women VS British Women are concerned. Those factors include religion, level of education among others. The above factors greatly affects dating but one must check hem out carefully so as not to miss a point.