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Dating Advice For Men Of Your Date & Marriage Life

One of the things that girls hate to hear or see from guys are being discussed on this Relationship Article. These are signs from girls you should pay attention to. As you know that we guys sometimes don’t mean that bad but our conversation may hurt her feeling. I understand you are just too being honest to say such things, you know? Girls are tricky so you should not say things that may hurt their feeling. Basically, girls do not like to hear or see some very common things below from you, so, let’s face them here.

Dating advice for menYou should never say things that symbolize she looks haggard. The look is the most important thing that girls pay attention too. Of course, sometimes she is happy so whatever you say will mood her up. So, avoid saying such things that may turn her down.

Most girls like to ask us if they are fat these days. I know the answer is not simple at all if you really have a fat girlfriend or wife. So, are you going to give her an honest or lied answer? If you tell the truth, she gets mad. If you say that she is in a good shape, she won’t believe it. When you say “you are ok”, she is satisfied.

Sometimes, you should be patient to ignore her by saying that you are busy. You can’t talk to her now and tell her that you will call her back. As a result, you may make her on full mood. When you ignore her, she wants your attention more and more.

Don’t ever compliment on a girl you meet on street or in TV. Most girls don’t want to hear this from you so don’t say such things in front of her. That will hurt her feeling. You need to make her to be your number one. If you see a hot girl, just keep it to yourself, don’t tell it out. Women don’t want you to mention other women in front of them. Don’t mention about your ex-girlfriend (s) in their presence please.

Don’t encourage her to eat more food or drink more. It does not matter whether or not she is fat, but most of the time, your girl does not want to heart that from you. If you really like that food or drink, then just tell her that “woh, this food tastes good or this drink is delicious”.

You must look clean every time you see her on a date. Do not wear old and ratty clothes. Just wear clean shirts and pants to keep a clear image inside her mind. Most women like their men to pay for their meal.

Do not let her see you are a cheap guy during your date. For example, when you take her to a grocery or shopping store, you should not use coupons to pay for stuff. She will think she is not worth that special date.

Above is some some things that most girls hate to hear or see. Some may not be true to some girls. Generally speaking, you should show her the best version of yourself at all times. Hopefully, these Relationship Articles will help you in your date or marriage life.

Golden Dating Tips And Advice For Men

Most Single Men Dating online or other places think that dating is a very daunting task. This is simply because they are having a hard time trying to keep a relationship going. Thus, here are golden dating tips for men that are sure to work! Keeping a girlfriend has now become super easy!

Foreign Men Looking For American WomenTip 1: Get a Job, a Stable Job

The biggest turn off for a woman is a man who cannot fend for himself. Can you even imagine paying for everything when you go out? That is how it should be. Even if your girl is not materialistic, giving her gifts every now and then will make her feel special. Also, having a stable, high-paying job will show how smart you are, making them want you forever.

Tip 2: Courtesy and Respect

There should be a zero tolerance rule regarding this. Always apply rules of courtesy and respect to your woman. All the little and simple things will sum up. For example, always hold the door when she walks in, be in charge of the umbrella when it rains, never raise your voice on an argument, always pay for dinner and many more.

Tip 3: Quit Your Habit of Boys Night Out’s Along With Your Other Vices

Your girlfriend will understand if you spend some time with your bro’s and play poker. However, you should never make this a habit. You don’t need to be with her every time but you don’t need to be with your bro’s either. Your girlfriend would not want to see you spiral down slowly because of vices like smoking, heavy drinking, gambling and the like. She will surely leave you if this is the case.

These three tips are quite simple to follow that is why you do not have any excuse not to follow them. In addition to these tips, make sure that you are loyal and faithful and keep the communication open!

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