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Asian Girls and White Girls: Clarify Some Myths

Asian girls and white guys dating each other is very popular nowadays. However, some people got confused about why these white men attracted to Asian women, in terms of different culture and lifestyles. This article will briefly details all necessary ideas and opinions about this topic. It is based on my own experience and what I have learned from others. On this article, I use the word “girls” and “women” and “ladies” to imply Asian females.

Asian Girls

1) Asian girls love white guys because they think they are treated with more respects … it is true. White men are born and developed in a Western country like America, Canada or Australia. Their parents and grandparents were originally born from the West too. So, the way they treat a woman is different from what Asian men do. The gender freedom rule is applied in these Western nations. Women are scaled as no1 here. Certainly, Asian ladies are treated as Queens. No wondering why white men are the top choice of Asian girls.

2) Asian women don’t like white women who treat white guys badly … is somewhat untrue. As mentioned above, Asian ladies were nurtured by Asian and Western cultures. So, they have learned from their parents or grandparents about the family. Usually, the man takes the lead in an Asian family. So, when they see a white girl dominates or controls her husband, they don’t like that at all. For Asian women, a wife needs to listen to her husband and let him take a lead in the family. However, not all white girls are “bossy” in their family. They just try to equally treat and control each other.

3) Asian ladies envy at white girls from getting all beautiful white guys … is somewhat true. It’s not about Asian girls are not blessed to own a white girl but most of white guys don’t get Asian girls because they are small and thin. White guys are popular for their handsome, smart, and powerful traits. White girls are the most beautiful and sexiest ladies on this planet. Both come together and are matched perfectly. Some Asian ladies are too thin and skinny that many guys thought they are teenagers. They don’t have big and attractive breasts as white ladies. So, they are jealous about white females about the outlook at well.

4) Asian females handle their relationship and marriage better than white girls … true. They know how to be patient to get over most of difficult times. For example, when her husband got laid off, an Asian girl can take good care of him. An Asian woman knows to manage finance well. She is a good money saver. So, if her husband gets laid off, then she can take care of him. However, white girls can’t do this job. If you are with a white lady and get laid off or broke, then you must be prepared for a divorce. Usually, a divorce occurs from broke husband. Most of white girls are not as good as Asian girls, who are quiet, submissive and patient.

I don’t want to sound racist on this article but that’s what I think about the differences between white girls and Asian girls. They both have their own goodies and baddies. I hope this article is useful and clarify a part from what you think about them. However, again, it is my personal experience. If you don’t agree any part, please share your thoughts on the comment box below. To view Asian girls, click here. Thanks.