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Plentyoffish.com Free Singles Dating Services Online

Plentyoffish is the best free singles online dating service so far which generate many relationships and marriages a year. This free dating site is currently the
world’s largest free dating service. Plentyoffish is running by just one
person, Mr. Markus Frind. He is considered the largest Adsense earner and
publisher. His revenue from this plentyoffish site is about $10,000 a month
which leads to almost $12 million a year. I am impressed about his talent which
he runs this site by himself with help from his girlfriend. Plentyoffish is
popular not only in Canada, America, UK, Australia, but also in Asian countries
and European countries.

When you look at Plenty Of Fish free dating site, it is simple and
taking visitor to the dating point. Simple design and easy to use are the unique
thing of Plentyoffish. It is very easy to use the site and it has a forum to
discusss in terms of love, relationships, and marriages.

Plentyoffish is growing rapidly this year. With thousands of members join
daily, its traffic increases quickly. Plenty of fish has over 1 billion page
views a month. We do not know how much time he spend a day to run a successful
free dating service like this, but we can imagine it takes him too much time on

Anyway, I am impressed about his successful free dating service. He must be
smart in match and marketing.