Ugly White Guys and Pretty Filipino Ladies – Truth Finally Exposed


There are thousands of marriages between white guys and pretty Filipino ladies every year. I have seen many times that most of these white men are ugly while Filipino women are beautiful. People wonder why these hot young girls felt for these old guys. Living in the Philippines for a long time, you will know the truth, which is finally exposed. This article provides information about this topic.

Filipino girls

Filipino girls

Material thing is the most important thing that Filipinas accept to marry ugly white men. Some ladies have to support the whole family, including parents and siblings. As you know, there are many parents in the Philippines that have about 10 small children. They are poor and don’t have enough food to eat. So, the older sisters must work hard to support their younger sisters or brothers. Some of these girls are lucky to get attention fromĀ  white guys. These guys bring these girls to the west and can help them make money by working in the West like US, Australia, Canada or so on. Some white men marrying Filipino ladies and opened the business in this country to help their wife’s family making money as well.

However, most of these beautiful Filipino women are not gold-diggers. This is a myth. They just marry these Western husbands to have a way to come and work in a rich country. That’s all. As you can see many of these young wives stay with their husbands even after they became naturalized in a new nation. This is a great characteristic about these ladies. They want to come to a new country to have an opportunity to make money by themselves. As you know, most of these white men who married Philippines ladies are poor. I have to admitted it. So, some Filipinas have to help their husbands about the expenses as well. This is one thing you must know that these women will help their family back home when they come to your country.

You should not look down at these attractive Filipino women. They think about their family and siblings and want to help them. They are not just beautiful but liberated, who thinks about the family which is the first priority. Young Filipino girls marry white guys so that they can look prettier next to these guys. Of course, most women like to look better than their men. So, these pretty ladies like to marry ugly white dudes.

How about ugly and old white dudes? Why are they so attracted to young pretty Filipino girls? Most of these men are poor and old. They have a hard time to find single women in the West. In addition, they prefer young and sexy girls so Filipina ladies are the best option. I mean, they speak English well and sexy and cheap and submissive. Who else does not like such a wife?

These people usually go to the Filipino online dating services to find each other. Some of white men also travel to the Philippines to find young women there too.

Author: Anny LamAnny Lam
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