Why do foreign women view American men as the best lovers, husbands, & fathers?


American men have been viewed as the best lovers, husbands and fathers for children by foreign women. There are thousands of international brides from Asian come to the US every year, especially in California. I have talked to a few of these ladies and they said that American guys are the best husbands on this planet.

Foreign women American men

Foreign women American men (taken from Youtube)

Why are American men viewed as that well-known phenomenon?

They are viewed as the men who respect women and give women the freedom to do things they like. They are romantic by the way they give gifts to their wife on special occasions. They are tall, handsome and strong. In some countries such as the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and so on, if you are a white American man, then it does not matter how old you are, you can date and marry a young girl.

American men are idealized from women’s point of view in other countries as well, including Russia, Mexico, Spain and so on. Many women do not accept the alcoholism and domestic abuse from local men.  Also, foreign women don’t get equality in family and they don’t even know clearly about this concept. They get used to do errands like cooking, cleaning, washing, taking care of their children. Most men in these countries rarely share such errands with their wife.

Most foreign brides who come to America admitted that their American husbands treat them as a life partner rather than a housekeeper. They said that the husband share all errands from home and they treat their wife with respects. When he gets home from work, he hugs and kissed his wife and says “I love you”. You might have seen this on TV and media. That’s what happens in reality as well.

I have to admit that some foreign men are good too. However, American men are viewed as better ones by foreign ladies. I have heard many foreign brides the United States of America saying, “American men are idealized husbands”.

Author: Anny LamAnny Lam
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