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  • Posted on 03/30/2013
There are some reasons that the prettiest Asian women still want American men for dating, relationship and marriage. My free dating site, adatingnet.com, has many single women in Asia seeking American guys. So, I am writing this article to list some reasons about this topic.

In some countries in Asia, women outnumber men. There are millions of women between 20 and 30s who exceed the number of men. Especially, some divorced ladies have a hard time to find a man because of prejudice of the culture.

Women in Asia are responsible for many things in the house, housekeeping, upbringing of children, taking care of elders of the husband's side, and making money to pay for the bill. Also, domestic abuse is also a reason. Drunk husbands can beat up their wives every day.

Of course, one of the main reasons is that many Asian girls looking to live in a more stable lifestyle. In America, they can find a good job, earn more money and live in a better environment. This is true. Even men in Asian want to live in the United States of America because of this reason. So, they have a good choice to find a man in USA for marriage. Their children have bright future with good careers and their later generation as well.

Another reason is about the modern technology of advanced internet. It is so simple and easy to find online long distance love. It does not matter where they live in Asia, they can find a man in US for a few clicks from their computer.

So, I created one webpage at my site about Asian online dating that lists all countries in Asia for men to find ladies over there. Also, Asian women looking for American men can go here to find single guys as well. Good luck and have fun!


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