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  • Posted on 04/06/2013
For foreign women, being able to date and catch an American single guy is some sort of an accomplishment already. Some may take it for the green card purposes alone, while others just look at American men with the sense of superiority because of the race and ethnicity. Although American guys are usually easy to please, it would definitely help if foreign women are already aware of some tips to consider when dating them. This would increase the chance of developing a more serious relationship, and if you are lucky, you might just be switching to an American last name soon enough.

Find out what he is obsessed about
If there is something worth remembering about American men, it is the fact that when they love something, it is usually for good. So, if you are from another country and you are looking to date an American guy, make sure you find out what he likes to do, his passions, his hobbies, etc, and then you can start from there. It would be good if you can find out something that interests both of you, so you can keep up with the conversation and catch his genuine interest at the same time. Typically, American men are interested in sports such as football and basketball, and they love to drink beer.

Keep it simple but make sure you let him see something interesting in you
Most foreign women mistakenly think that they always have to impress their American dates, sometimes even trying too hard to make a striking impression. This is where the romance starts to flame away. American guys prefer women who are simple yet unique and interesting on their own way. Don't make up lies and stories just to fascinate him, because if the two of you would soon become serious with each other, he won't definitely appreciate the lies as soon as he finds out.

Be sensitive
American guys are actually sensitive on the inside, it just don't normally show all the time. The love foreign women who are sensitive, sweet and romantic, and they fall for cheesy lines that they usually hear from the movies and television. Always consider his feelings, and when you're out dating, don't monopolize the conversation. Make sure you ask for his opinion every now and then, to make him feel important and superior. Try not to talk too loud or too fast, they like to take it slow and just enjoy the moment while it lasts.

Be yourself
In the rules of dating, nothing will ever go wrong when you are being yourself, especially if your date likes honest and straight-forward people. American single men are naturally straight-forward, they speak what's on their minds, and they would of course expect the same from foreign women that they are dating. Pretending to be someone you are not would only mean more complications for both you and your partner, and it might be the reason for him to doubt your intentions. So the best advice to take would be to just be yourself and always stay confident. Wear that bright smile and never be afraid to show him who you really are.


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