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  • Posted on 08/23/2013

Russian brides are unique and stunning

Russian brides are unique and stunning that you can not find in any other Western woman. This is the sentence I have seen in many mail order brides services, especially those who operated in Russia.

Russian bride

"There is no ugly brides in Russia". "Russian brides are the most beautiful, stunning girls on this planet". Why is that so? I have a chance to view from head to toe from one Russian bride in person and talk to her. I can conclude that she is pretty and appealing, with blonde hair, long legs, in good shape, white skin like snow, sweet talk, romantic eyes etc. I agree. However, she is not the most stunning girl you'll ever find on this planet like many websites describe. 

I think it is about rumors... Since there are thousands of successful marriages between Russian ladies with Western men like American, Canadian, Australian etc, make them more popular. Most of guys who marry these brides in Russian are blue collar. Even though when these girls come to the West, they can afford to any situation and they can work in low jobs like housekeeping etc. They can accept older and poor husbands as well. However, their faithfulness to marriage is doubtful. I have to tell you one example. My friend married a Russian girl a few years ago and brought her to the US. She divorced him after she got a green card.

Again, "there is no ugly brides in Russia", I agree. If speaking about the outlook, they are appealing, skinny, stunning so most of them are beautiful. However, I doubt about their characteristics in terms of dating, relationship and marriage. 

What do I miss? That's all I can tell.


  • Posted 2 years ago
There are girls of every type. You could find beautiful girls and ugly girls, because rule "eastern europe girls are all perfect" is a lie. I know it because i am using http://rbrides.com/ for talking with girls.

  • Posted 3 years ago
i love this woman very much

  • Posted 3 years ago
i love this woman very much