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  • Posted on 11/02/2013
French women and American men relationships and marriages are increasing in the last few years. But the question is, why and how it's happened? There are many single French women dating American men and vice verse, American guys seeking French girls. This article will briefly describe about this topics.

French Women and American MenWhen dating with French or American women, there is a big difference. Speaking of French ladies, I focus on them, not Canadian ladies, even though they are speaking French. American men seeking French women because they like the enjoyment and acceptance of these ladies. French girls usually accept who they are and what they are. They don't strive for perfection of what they can't reach. American guys love when French women don't worry about others' ideas too much. They feel good what they are doing. French ladies accept the guys of who they are.

American men like French women who set no rules about love and sex. They don't follow the book about right or wrong to maintain a relationship or marriage. They love French ladies who have strong attitude in dating or relationship. In other words, French ladies have their own rules in love, romance and sex. So, do French women like American men? Of course, they do. 

French women seeking American men is because of the honest and "naive" at these men. There are some cultural differences between these interracial relationships between French girls American guys, but it is not a big deal. French ladies are not personally communicative. They keep their personal information privately. For those American men seeking French girls, they certainly have their own concept about what type of woman they are interested in pursuing for relationship. Each man has different conception about choosing a wife. French ladies are the top selection for these American guys.

Nowadays, French women seeking American men online is common. They just sign up their personal ads online or register profiles through the internet dating sites. It is easy and simple to find love online. There are many successful love stories from French women American men couples. Free French online dating site will connect you with your life mate.


  • Posted 4 years ago
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